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Substance Misuse is an intricate issue having clinical and social repercussions which impacts every social layer. It influences the client and their families as well as all areas of the general public. With late investigations, specialists have started perceiving that dependence is a treatable and preventable however persistent sickness, much the same as asthma, hypertension or diabetes. Since it is a persistent backsliding infection, the treatment isn’t just an approach to ‘mediate’ your cherished one yet in addition requires continuum of care. Aaina Establishment is a Recovery Place where we guarantee to give therapy to Substance Use Problem like Liquor and Chronic drug use, Social Compulsion like Betting, Sex, Web, Portable and Gaming Enslavement and any kind of Substance Actuated Confusion and Persistent Mental illness like Schizophrenia, Bipolar, Melancholy, Tension and so forth.


Our own is the Best Liquor and Medication Recovery Center in Mumbai. We have made a quiet domain and alongside our different Mental Treatments, 12 Stage Program that encourages the patient to build up an uplifting viewpoint towards life. The program offered by us fabricates the correct demeanour with the correct mood through individual guiding, bunch treatments and other exceptionally planned exercises like pycho show, yoga, reflection, craftsmanship and music treatments. Some different reasons why you should pick our Restoration place in Mumbai are referenced underneath:

Active, Steady, Sympathetic and Getting Staff

  • Effective and reasonable treatment offices for Private Restoration
  • Program incorporates different treatments like CBT, REBT, Care, Gathering Treatment, Gathering Directing, Singular Advising, Family Guiding, Yoga and Contemplation.
  • High Achievement Rate
  • Client driven and Family advising assists with overcoming any issues among Customer and Family just as family uphold
  • Long-Term Recuperation through customized Backslide Anticipation Plan and Post Release Treatment Plan

As the Best Liquor and Medications Recovery Center in Mumbai, we offer clinical consideration by master Specialists, Specialist, Authorized Compulsion Advisor, Analyst, Psychotherapist who visit day by day and take bunch meetings and coordinated meetings. We accept this progression will give healing help and one can pick the way of Collectedness which encourages them to re-visitation of their Valuable Life

To make the recuperation venture simpler, our certified and prepared staff applies Internationally Endorsed Proof Based Treatments to defeat enslavement and related issues. We additionally take criticism from our recuperating patients and families to continually improve our treatment plan. Subsequently we are considered as the Best Medications De Enslavement Center in Mumbai attributable to Our customized treatment strategies, quality treatment program, high achievement rate and spotlight on long haul recuperation makes our treatment approach exceptional.

Our Recovery and De Habit Center gives LIVE Webcam office to you to take a gander at your friends and family when you need to.

It’s A Home Away from Home!Medication AND Liquor Dependence influences the accompanying regions


  • Judgment
  • Decision-Production
  • Stress
  • Memory
  • Behaviour
  • Thought Cycle
  • Social Life

“We lead the way to road of recovery”

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